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Title of the workshop: 

How to recognize the symptoms of job burnout, identify its causes and to find solutions.

Short description: 

The workshop aims at helping participants identify signs and symptoms of occupational burnout and offer tips and selected techniques of how to deal with it and how to effectively recover from burnout through a discussion and different activities.

Language of instruction:


Learning outcomes:

The participants by way of discussion and sharing experiences will identify a problem and decide which of the offered ways to combat the problem may help them most effectively.

Short biographical note:

  1. Educational profile:

Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of English UAM Poznań, EFL coordinator at WA since 2006, DipRSA Cambridge, PhD in Applied Linguistics

  1. Country / Institution:

Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Faculty of English

  1. Professional interests:

EFL teaching, occupational motivation, CLiL, testing