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pic w4Title of the workshop: 

GELS: Global Engineers Language Skills

Short description: 

What are achievable goals for engineering students studying an additional language?  How can language and communication teachers, often with no technical background, best prepare their engineering students before they leave for exchange semesters abroad and the world of work? This workshop responds to these issues by presenting the work of the Global Engineers Language Skills (GELS) project.

Language of instruction:


Learning outcomes:

- Understanding the rationale and the guiding principles behind the GELS project,

- Using the GELS grid (CEFR-based) to map micro-objectives (from A1 to C2 levels),

- Producing new micro-objectives adapted to an engineering audience,

- Sharing teaching ideas and activities for engineering students .

Short biographical note:

Dr Teresa Sweeney Geslin has been teaching English in France for nearly 20 years and is a founder member of the research laboratory Didalang for the Institut Mines Télécom. She has a particular interest in Language for Specific Purposes and teaches on-line courses in English for Professionals and manages research courses in civilisation.

Jamie Rinder is a lecturer in Language and Communication at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, where he teaches courses in rhetoric, technical communication and English for Academic Purposes. 

David Tual is Director of the Language Unit in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge, England. He has taught French in the United Kingdom for the last 15 years and has developed a particular interest in 21st century technologies and pedagogies.